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ios 14 Update

First Off - WAIT

The iOS 14 upgrade was released this month. Should you update? Yes, eventually. As with all iPhone and iPad updates, it's best to wait a few weeks before updating. In general, we suggest waiting until at least 14.0.2 or higher is released. These incremental releases resolve bugs and issues that are found in the early weeks.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to backup before you update

Before you update, be sure you have a recent backup. To do a backup, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings. Tap on your name

  2. Tap iCloud

  3. Tap iCloud Backup

  4. Tap Backup Now

Why should you update?

Once the release is stable, it's a good idea to upgrade. You will want to update eventually in order to take advantage of new features and security improvements. Some of your apps, and new apps that you might want to download, may require that you use the newer iOS version.

Can You Upgrade?

The following devices can be upgraded:

What's New in iOS 14

Complete List of what's new in iOS 14

Complete List of what's new in iPadOS 14

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